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Bambo Nature has been reviewed around the world ...



CHOICE magazine's best 'Green Buy' - Bambo Nature is CHOICE Magazine's Best Green Buy.

Herald Sun Magazine - Bambo Nature is the most popular eco disposable

Baby Review - 'I’ve recently discovered Bambo Nature Eco Disposable Nappies which are comfortable, well fitting, highly absorbent and wonderful for overnight...'

Product Review - 4.5 stars out of 5! Read all 11 reviews.

Green Beings Review -  'Great nappy and good value for money in the midi range. We love the fact that wheat starch has been used, minimising the quantity of SAP used.'



Ethical Consumer (UK) best disposable - Bambo Nature is the greenest, most ethical disposable nappy.

Mumsnet - 'Best eco disposable I've tried so far. Actually best disposable.'

My Mummy Reviews - 'I would definitely recommend these nappies as they were very absorbent and kept my daughter's skin dry.'



Baby Gear Lab - Top Pick on any disposable nappy!

Grist Eco Disposable Nappy Review - 'These Denmark-derived diapers dominate the field, at least where my baby’s bum is concerned.'

Northern Baby Review  - Bambo Nature Eco Disposable Diapers by Abena

Seven in the Nest - 'Bambo Nature diapers are what I believe to be the best disposable diapers for the environment, that are on the market.'

Inhabitots Disposable Diaper Smackdown - 'Seventh Gen VS Bambo Nature.

Home Grown Families - 'These eco friendly diapers fit great - leave zero red marks or signs of irratation.'

Thrifty Nifty Mommy - 'Finding these diapers have made me really happy!'

Soleil Solene - 'A lot more absorbent than other disposables.'

Mommy Ramblings - 'I really like Bambo Nature diapers, they are well made and do their job.'

Adventures in Mommyhood - interesting comments on nappy rash

Musings from a SAHM - 'I love Bambo Nature diapers!'

Mom Always Finds Out - 'Bambo Nature website lists every single ingredient!'

Burning Moon Products - 'Super absorbent and keeps baby dry.'

Katie Talks About - 'I feel better about using disposables.'

Going Green with Noah - 'I would highly recommend these diapers!'

MomVantage - 'Nappy rash improved within a week!'

Eco Babyz - 'if you are looking for the best of the best disposable options, Bambo Nature is awesome!'

The Sparkle Mama's Blog - 'Stays dry to the touch!'

Mama On A Green Mission - 'Bambo Nature are a wonderful disposable option.'

Open Hands -  'I am thrilled to have an alternative to cloth.'


Read what some of our customers are saying!


Posted by Erica on www.todae.com.au - 16th Mar 2012

Best eco nappy. Absolute best for absorbancy at night.


Posted by Nora on www.hellocharlie.com.au - 28th May 2012

No nappy rash or eczma and very absorbent. I have used these nappies first with my daughter who is 3 yrs old and now with my 10 week old son. Both have sensitive skin prone to nappy rash and eczma. I highly recommend these nappies as they do not cause the condition (as some other brand nappies do) They rate as well as leading supermarket brand nappies for absorbency and fit.


Posted by K Butler on www.hellocharlie.com.au - 15th May 2012

Very absorbent and reliable. I chose to try Bambo nappies as I have read on their website they're 75% biodegradable which is much better than other disposables. These nappies are really absorbent, our bub is a very heavy wetter and she sleeps through the night without any leaks. My bub also hasn't had any nappy rash with these nappies.


Posted by Chrissy on www.hellocharlie.com.au - 13th May 2012

Environmentally Friendly Nappies. These Nappies are a great option for disposable, they stay just as dry as other big brand synthetic nappies. They absorb enough liquid to wear as a night nappy and is dry as a bone in the morning. Soft fabric is comfortable on babies skin not to mention environmentally friendly!


Posted by Unknown on www.hellocharlie.com.au - 17th Jul 2012 

Excellent disposable option.  We've just moved up from the Midi sized nappies to Maxi and I'm pleased to say they are just as popular in our house.  The material is so soft on babies skin, they never leak and fit really well.  We will continue to use Bambo Nature in our house for the next bub too.  Great option and they can not even compare to big brand supermarket named nappyes.


Posted by Unknown on www.hellocharlie.com.au - 4th Jul 2012 

These nappies are fantastic.  They keep my daughter very dry and fit her very well. She is a very small baby and it was difficult to find something that worked and was environmentally friendly. Would definitely recommend these


Posted by Kate C. on www.todae.com.au - 11th Oct 2011

As good as the "Big" brands. Bambo Nappies are fantastic for babies/toddlers with sensitive skin, fit and absorb just as well as better known brands, and of course are much better for the environment. Well worth the extra cost to protect baby and the environment