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Ethman was launched back in 2004 to address a gap in the Australian market for an affordable, effective eco disposable nappy. We’d used Bambo Nature while we were living in the UK, and wanted to bring them to Australia.

Started out of my garage, we imported a 20ft container full of disposables, and then went out and started knocking on doors to sell them! My eldest son was just 18 months old.

I now have two children, and they’ve grown and changed alongside the business. Ethman has moved four times, each time moving to larger warehouses. We’re now in Bundoora on the outskirts of Melbourne, and we think that this is an ideal place to house our range of eco friendly baby and children’s products. We now have five staff, all of whom have their own children, and as a company, we work very hard to promote a great work life balance. It’s one of the fundamental philosophies of the business that we’ve worked hard to maintain.

Our core philosophies are:

  • We reduce, reuse and recycle and act in an environmentally responsible manner.    
  • We do not knowingly stock products that exploit people;    
  • We do not knowingly stock products that are toxic or harmful to humans or the environment;    
  • We do not knowingly stock products that are tested on animals;    
  • We do not knowingly stock products that are harmful to the environment;    
  • We treat our customers, suppliers and competitors in an ethical, respectful and responsible manner.
  • We pride ourselves on our excellent service, and on the quality, safety and value for money of our products.
  • We continually strive to do better.

We've been the Australian distributor of Bambo Nature nappies since 2004 and wholesale to baby shops all over Australia. Interested in stocking eco nappies in your store? Get in touch with us.

If you have any suggestions, compliments, complaints, or would just plain like to talk to us, pick up the phone and give us a call. 1300 22 4009 will get you through to us.

All the best,

Vanessa Layton

Founder of Ethman Enterprises.